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December 3 Photo- Safety First

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  There is nothing like four year old logic and imagination.

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December 2 Photo- New Knife

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  I guess E4 isn’t the only one growing up!  An avid knife collector, K has planned all of the kids’ first pocket knives.  E2 has decided he’s ready to have one, and K agreed, with a few restrictions: it stays on our desk when not being used, and right now it is only used with supervision.  E2 […]

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December 1 Photo- Look At Me Grow!

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  I have given up trying to catch up the photos to the current date.  The farther behind I got the more I procrastinated posting anything.  So, I’m going to finish out the year starting now! E4 has just been growing like a weed- she’s toddling all over the house, adding new words to her […]

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