May 10 Photo- Necessities

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May 10  When I was small, I remember my parents talking about how things were when they were little, especially the things they did or didn’t have or remembered their family getting later in their childhood.  Microwaves, televisions, top-loading automatic washing machines, so many things that at the time just seemed such a part of life it was virtually impossible to imagine not having.

 It’s rather hilarious being on the other side of the conversation now with my own kids.  K and I got our first cell phone before E1 was born, so she has no idea what it’s like to live without one and now consequently thinks it is a necessity.  She and E2 are both planning for the day when they are old enough to need one of their own, which has prompted many discussions on the definition of “need.”

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  • #1.   wyohills 05.24.2007

    I was thinking about ring tones today and how our phones used to just ring, and everyone’s rang the same. But not when I was little, we were on a party line and we were 2 rings.

  • #2.   Granolageekmom 05.24.2007

    That’s so true! I guess the idea of individual ring tones isn’t a new idea after all.