True Talent

Comments   1   Date Arrow  March 20, 2008 at 3:07pm   User  by Granolageekmom

E4 spoon  A while ago the kids saw or heard something about the trick of hanging a spoon on the end of the nose.  We all investigated the physics of how it works, and experimented with different spoons and methods to see if any of us could do it.  Of all of us, only E3 was able to get one to stay on her nose.  Since then, she often dances around the house with one, as she sets the table or helps put dishes away.

Last night, we discovered that we were wrong that E3 was the only one who could: E4 pulled one of her spoons out of the dishwasher E2 was emptying, promptly stuck it on the end of her nose, looked up at me and just laughed out loud. Then I spent the next 45 minutes trying to get her to leave one there so I could get a picture.

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  • #1.   wyohills 03.20.2008

    cool, I love the colors in this photo. Glad you are posting again