Fun Easter Weekend

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Our Easter EggsWe really had a great weekend.  It wasn’t anything different than our traditional Easter weekend, and yet it was.

Saturday we got together with all of my husband’s family to dye eggs and just have fun.  This year we also had some friends join us, increasing the child count from 7 to 11.  Thankfully for the adults’ sanity, it was a gorgeous sunny day, so the kids were able to dye the eggs and play outside.  Boy did they play!

Egg dyeingWhen the egg dyeing started, I was inside with E4, so K grabbed my camera to make sure we at least got some pictures.  He always gets some great pictures, I get jealous 🙂 and then don’t let him use my camera for a while.  (The picture at the beginning of the post is mine, but it’s one of only a few decent ones.)  It is amazing to me how fast 6 dozen eggs can be dyed.

Hot air balloonAs the kids were working on the eggs, a hot air balloon appeared over the trees in the northeast.  It got closer and closer and landed in a nearby field.  The kids (okay adults, too) were really excited watching it.  K’s photo, again.

Sunday afternoon we all headed back out to K’s parent’s house, as we traditionally eat Easter dinner together, and K’s mom puts together Easter baskets for all the grandkids and organizes Easter eggs hunts. E4 egg and candy




One for E4 by herself, since she has to eat gluten free right now- and apparently, prefers the plastic eggs to the candy. (This photo is mine 🙂 .)  One hunt for the younger kids, and one more for the older kids.  It was raining this year, so the hunts took place in the living room.

The older 3 kids slept really well Sunday night. 🙂

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