Happy New Year

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January 1- Lollipops

January 1- Lollipops

Happy holidays!! I can’t believe another year is gone.  I’m praying 2010 is going to be a great year!

One of the holiday things our family did this year was making candy.  We made several different kinds and had so much fun!  K’s specialty was making lollipops.  He made another batch today of cinnamon, and he is definitely a pro now.

In the last  couple of weeks or so we have also made fudge, toffee, pralines (oh yum!!), and dipped pretzels.  I made a batch of divinity, too, but had to throw it out.  It was raining (of course) when I made it, and with the Weather Channel stating 97% humidity the divinity turned out with a consistency of silly putty.  I guess I should have believed all the recipes when they said not to make it in high humidity!  Anyway, it was fun, and we felt a little bit like we were creating a Good Eats episode when we were discussing the science behind why sugar acts like it does, what the different cooking temperatures does to it, and all the little intricacies involved in candy-making.

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