January 23 Photo

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Jan 23  E3 is almost always playing with dolls. From the time she gets up, she has at least one with her at all times, usually two or three. One of her favorites is one we got for E1 on her first birthday, which E1 named Paprika a couple of years after. Another favorite is Jacklyn, a Cabbage Patch Doll E3 got for Christmas a year ago from her cousin A. The others don’t have names that I know of, half are called “baby,” the others “sister,” and the terms are never exchanged.

Part of our bedtime routine includes running around trying to find all of the dolls scattered throughout the house in order to snuggle with them. There is always too many for her to carry at once.

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  • #1.   wyomom 01.24.2007

    Just really enjoying seeing the pictures and reading the story with them…and it’s neat about your knitting…two people have tried to teach me to knit and i never could get it, and here you are turning out real clothes your baby can wear! Way to go, daughter!