January 27 Photo

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Jan 27 We all got together at K’s parents’ house, and I guess you could say we continued with our own Winter-een-mas celebration. The kids brought different games out and played all afternoon.

E2 has liked (too tame of a word, really) numbers, patterns and anything similar since before he could talk. As a young baby, he loved clocks. At 18 months old, he would sit on the floor and put jigsaw puzzles together. (His favorite puzzle was a bunch of clocks.) At 2 and a half years old, we would have a hard time taking him to the store because he had to read every license plate in the parking lot on the way inside and back to the car. By 6 and a half, he was working on Sudoku puzzles. So now it’s just a given if something involves numbers or patterns, he will definitely be involved. Tri-ominos, being a pattern game with numbers, is one of his favorites.

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