January 28 Photo

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Jan 28 Well, this was the first day I really wasn’t inspired all day to photograph anything. So maybe since I did find something, and was actually excited by the idea of it, means that I’ll be able to pull off 365? I guess we’ll see.

My mom’s art medium of choice is fabric. One of the gifts she gives each of her grandchildren is a quilt, designed by her specifically for that grandchild. This is E3’s quilt. The bright colors, with the cartoon flowers, just fits her personality perfectly. It is quilted with swirls and hearts, and even has her name quilted into a corner. The other side that you can’t see is a hot pink color minkee fabric that is so soft it invites you to snuggle into it and smile, which is what she does every night when she goes to bed even if she’s already asleep.

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  • #1.   wyomom 01.30.2007

    The colors really came out well in the picture…glad she’s enjoying snuggling with it as much as i enjoyed making it for her.