January 2 Photo

Comments   2   Date Arrow  January 4, 2007 at 1:47am   User  by Granolageekmom

Jan 2This photo is almost self-explanitory. E4 was just sitting there being cute, and since the camera now just stays out all the time, I can just grab it and shoot.  She changes so much so often, I’m going to feel very bittersweet about pictures taken of her over the year. In 365 days she’ll be walking and talking, and it will go fast. I’m really glad I’m doing this project, maybe it’ll even help slow the time down. No, probably not.

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  • #1.   wyowoman 01.04.2007

    that is a cute baby ! hee hee — REALLLLLLY looks like k2!

  • #2.   kaeleag 01.04.2007

    I totally agree, wyowoman, that E4 looks like K2; more and more everytime I see her! What a doll! Great pics!