February 22 Photo- Feeling Better

Comments   1   Date Arrow  February 24, 2007 at 12:59pm   User  by Granolageekmom

Feb 22 E4 slept really well and was obviously feeling more like herself. She was playing on the floor under the window and the sun coming in was really making her skin glow. The photo didn’t capture that as well as I wanted, maybe there was something in processing I could have done, but I don’t know enough.

We had company all day- extended family that I used to babysit that now have their own kids, jobs and/or apartments. How come I still feel the same as I did when they were little, but they are older now¬†than I was then? I remember my mom saying, “I don’t feel any different now than I did when I was 18.” I didn’t understand then, but I sure do now.

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  • #1.   Dad2E4 02.24.2007

    I am sure glad she is sleeping better.
    Miss you all,