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Fun Easter Weekend

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We really had a great weekend.  It wasn’t anything different than our traditional Easter weekend, and yet it was. Saturday we got together with all of my husband’s family to dye eggs and just have fun.  This year we also had some friends join us, increasing the child count from 7 to 11.  Thankfully for […]

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True Talent

Comments   1   Date Arrow  March 20, 2008 at 3:07pm   User  by Granolageekmom

  A while ago the kids saw or heard something about the trick of hanging a spoon on the end of the nose.  We all investigated the physics of how it works, and experimented with different spoons and methods to see if any of us could do it.  Of all of us, only E3 was able to get […]

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Posting again

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The thought that I had so many unposted photos from my daily challenge has kept me away from my blog, so, I’m just going to ignore those photos. 🙂  I was relatively happy with my challenge of taking a photo a day last year, I did miss a few days, but all in all I […]

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