April 22 Photo- New Camera

Comments   2   Date Arrow  April 30, 2007 at 4:15pm   User  by Granolageekmom

Apr 22   I got a digital SLR!  It is an Olympus E-500 and it’s sooo nice.  I can’t believe how much I’ve had to compensate for shutter lag, slow auto focus, and slow file writing with my C-2100 (I did love that camera though).  I think I’ll be able to get better people pictures with it’s virtually instant response to the shutter press.  And thanks to Jason’s comment on an earlier photo of mine, I made sure it displays the ISO prominently and has a button so that I can change it on the fly.

Now comes the fun part- becoming familiar with it and taking lots of pictures!

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  • #1.   Jason 05.02.2007

    I like the irony that the last picture to be posted from your old camera is of its replacement.

  • #2.   Granolageekmom 05.03.2007

    Thanks! I thought it was a bit ironic, also. 🙂