May 23- No Photo

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Well, after 142 days or so, I missed one.  I fell asleep nursing E4 before bed, and just drowzily went to bed when I woke up.  I had a picture planned with the cherries K had bought at the store, so it was especially frustrating to realize later I had completely skipped the day.

So I will continue on and hopefully not miss very many more.  There was a very short moment when I thought, well that’s it, I didn’t complete the challenge. I think that’s why it became difficult the last couple of weeks to post the pictures I had taken up to this point.  But I am reminding myself- something that took me a long time to learn- there is a difference between not succeeding with something, and failing at it. The value is not in reaching the goal, but in the struggle. Sometimes the goal and success are redefined in the journey.  Quitting is failure.

This blog has been good for me- I’ve had quite a bit of self-discovery so far.  Tonight I discovered I get preachy (or more so) when I’m tired.

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  • #1.   Jason 06.15.2007

    You are certainly not failing. I’d say you’ve got a string of successes that more than make up for a short break.