January 21 Photo

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Jan 21 When it comes to baby things, I love all things Classic Pooh. To me it represents sweetness and innocence and fun. It’s somewhat ironic, because as a child I can remember not liking Winnie the Pooh books all that much.

All of the kids as babies have received something in the Classic Pooh theme, either as a gift from someone close, or something K or I found. This mobile is one of the things E4 has been given; it was a Christmas gift from K’s parents. We use it on the changing table- from the time she was born, E4 has liked to kick and push with her feet so much she’ll kick her whole body right off of the diaper I’m trying to put on. So we wind the mobile, and she’ll sing with me and the music and watch Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore while I race to get the diaper on before the song runs out.

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