January 22 Photo

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Jan 22a I realized I didn’t have a picture of this pair of knit longies I made for E4, and since she seemed to be in a pretty good mood, I thought I should try. I wasn’t impressed with the pattern I used for these- there’s no difference between the front and the back, so in order to fit across the diaper in the back, the rise has to come up to her armpits in the front. The yarn, however, is the best: Irish Baby Knits in Peregrine Merino, dyed in the Aidan colorway. This yarn is soft, yet sturdy. If I thought I could get them done before she grew out of them, I’d be really tempted to frog them and knit them again, but using a different pattern.

Jan 22b Today is a first- I couldn’t decide, so I posted both pictures. I’m not sure which direction to take with these photo-of-the-day pictures. Part of me wants to focus on snapshots of the kids and sort of document our days over the course of the year, but the other part wants to experiment more with the artistic side of photography, different types of subjects, light, etc. So probably what will happen is I’ll bounce around between the two, and hopefully become a better photographer of both. I guess that’s the advantage of having 365 days in a year.

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