January 29 Photo

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Jan 29 The weather here has just been beautiful, which results in some spectacular skies. I really liked that this shot captured the feeling I had while looking at the awesome sunset.

We had a quiet day- this time it’s E3 fighting off a cold, and unfortunately with the gag reflex my family is blessed with, that means she gets little sleep. Still, it was a fairly productive day. We read, watched way more TV than normal, and invented a cool atom building game using marshmallows, Dots and Jujubes. E2 had asked me two questions a couple of days ago: How does the moon reflect the sun’s light, and why does the earth spin? These started a internet research session on light, and then moved to gravity, then to mass and matter, and finally atoms and elements. He had no trouble comprehending any of the ideas until we got to atoms, but for some reason we couldn’t find just some basic sites about them, at least that resonated with him. Since he is generally a kinesthetic learner, I thought building models with him would help, which evolved into a kind of racing game to build different isotopes. Of course, they kept eating the electrons. 🙂

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  • #1.   wyomom 01.30.2007

    This could almost be a Wyoming sky…what beautiful colors! I enjoyed hearing about the edible projects…great idea!