March 13 Photo- The Dollhouse

Comments   2   Date Arrow  March 22, 2007 at 9:12am   User  by Granolageekmom

Mar 13 K’s dad made this dollhouse for E3 for her birthday last year.  She loves it- it stays in the living room for the most part, and she plays with it almost every day.

I love to watch my kids play. Their creativity often amazes me; they most often play with something different than the designers of the toy had planned. As someone who used to focus on doing only what was expected, I am now learning to let go and think outside of the box: my kids are teaching me that. I mean, really, how many people would think of using a coupon as a doormat?

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  • #1.   gmag 03.23.2007

    We look forward every day to seeing what new picture you have taken. Love to read your comments also. What a great way to make each day speical. Love.

  • #2.   wyohills 03.23.2007

    Echo the first comment. I also enjoy the History and links of the day. I am still going through the common English errors.